December 21, 2020 Burger King New Look

Logo used since December 21, 2020

Previous brand from July 1, 1999 until December 21, 2020

Burger King New Look

Burger King seek to replace its 20 years old logo on locations with the current brand. After almost 70 years of foundation and originally known as Insta-Burger King in remembrance of the fast food machine the company decide to rebrand its logo in order to fit in the growing digital world.

Burger King is also planning a new minimalist design for its new locations. The designers base their plan on a brand that addresses the digital apps, the printing paper that wraps your orders on their restaurants, and the social media.

Currently, the company owns about 19,000 locations so renewing the brand in all facilities make take years or rebranding. 

The colors were taken directly from their products, including the staff that represents the smile or a sussessfull company.


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