First at all, for those that are not aware of it yet, Google+ is Google! So, have a gmail account Gooo>>


A social network designed for business

Google+ makes it faster and easier to share and collaborate with your customers and team members.

Bring insights and answers together

Google+ has the perfect audience for every question or idea. Share your thoughts with a specific Community or share a question with your entire organization.

Filter content to find what’s most relevant to you

Organize your social connections in a way that is unique to you. Filtering helps make sure you hear from those that inspire you and share with those you want to hear you.

Integrated workflow

Google+ integrates perfectly with your email, calendar and docs to help you work smarter. You can filter your inbox using Circles or post a survey to get instant feedback.

the following Google+ components (includes web interface and Google-issued Android and iOS apps).


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